About GodVenture

GodVenture was developed by me, Victoria Beech, to give busy parents fun, easy to do faith at home together.

The website hosts a collection of resources and activity ideas, while I also speak at events and run family activity workshops.

I’ve worked with children in lots of different situations for over 30 years, and I love finding fun, creative ways to connect with God at home. I enjoy sketching, cooking, and exploring Hebrew words in the Bible. Our family celebrates Jewish Biblical festivals, including a weekly Shabbat meal.

I started GodVenture (before I had children, after working as a children’s work co-ordinator in a church) as I discovered that most parents didn’t feel equipped to help their families grow in their faith at home. I started by creating an activity sticker book which explored Psalm 139 as a way of testing the water. That was the first of five books, and many other resources have followed including an annual Sticker Advent Calendar and now a bi-monthly Faith at home mini-mag which you can get as a subscription.

Prior to doing GodVenture, I worked as a Senior Commissioning Editor for Scripture Union working on Splash! and Xstream (part of the Light series), during which time I also wrote My God Book, contributed to The Family Activity Organiser 2009, Closer to God, All Age Service Annual volumes 1 and 3.

I also worked with a small publisher on probably the hardest and best books I’ve been involved in creating. They are the Held in Hope series for sick and bereaved children, (including Jesus Still Loves Joe),¬† co-authored with the Paediatric Chaplaincy Network.

I now home educate our two girls, working part time on GodVenture (so forgive me if I don’t reply straight away to emails, or if I answer them as odd times!).

I write articles for Youth and Children’s Work magazine so if you’d like an article for something you’re creating, do drop me a line.

I’m available to speak on a range of subjects including the list below. Please get in touch if you have something you’d like to chat about.

  • Faith at home – why it’s important and how to get started
  • Be prepared! How to get ready to help children grieve
  • How even the very youngest child can connect with God
  • Intergenerational church – what is it and how could we be it?
  • Rest – what the Bible says and how to do it
  • Shabbat and how it changed my life
  • Passover – why it matters and how to celebrate it
  • How to use Christian rituals to build faith at home
  • Play and how it enhances faith
  • Creative prayer
  • Exploring the Bible together
  • Using open-ended questions and craft
  • Ways to celebrate Jesus at Christmas
  • Creating home resource bags and boxes for families