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What Bible would you recommend for young children?

From time to time, I get asked this question: Which Bible would you recommend for young children? It’s quite a personal thing, so I’d recommend getting a variety of Bibles, as this helps children to experience the Bible in different ways, through different lenses. Every Bible translation comes with the bias and assumptions made by […]

dip apples in honey

Dip Your Apples in the Honey

Dip some juicy apples in honey to celebrate New Year! Yep, in the Bible (as with northern hemisphere school), New Year is in Autumn. There’s actually three Bible festivals in Autumn, and Rosh Hashana (Hebrew for Head of the Year) is the first. In our home, we don’t do massive things for these, but I […]

doing nothing is good

Doing nothing is good

As the summer holidays continue, I’m contemplating the best way to help my children give me a few minutes off! I love spending time with them, but sometimes my head just needs to have a moment free from their constant … ahem … chatter! Recently I’ve been taking a 15-minute break on my own after […]

rainbow mini books

8 ways to use mini-books in your faith at home

I love mini-books! They are so cute and so quick and very satisfying to make. I recently made this rainbow set for a group of 12 children. It only took me about an hour and only used paper, card and staples. I have a lot of mini-books, both ones I’ve bought and ones I’ve made. […]