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This page is full of extra resources for using alongside the Different edition of the Faith at home mini-mag.

#1 Videos of the story of Ehud

Click here for a playlist of various retellings of the story of Ehud, including a very funny fruit one!

#2 Readings from Judges

This link takes you to a playlist of Readings from Judges, including the story of Ehud.

Click Here

#3 Different Mini Mag Song List

Click here for a playlist of songs that link to this month’s Different Mini-Mag and the theme of being unique.

#4 Downloadable circle of paper dolls sheet

Here’s a pdf of how to make a circle of paper dolls that came in your mini-mag. Print it back to back to make the front and back match up.

Click here to download your paper dolls sheet and start creating:

#5 Devotional download

Download and use this devotional exploring being different in the Bible. You can use it on your own, with your family, with a small group of adults or children or bot, or wherever is helpful to you!

Click here to download your Devotional – Explore being Different in the Bible.

#6 Devotional article

This article takes a deeper look at the story, exploring some of the Hebrew words and giving suggestions for pondering over or chatting about with others.

#7 Article about violence in the Bible

Here’s an article exploring why there’s so much violence in Judges (and other books in the OT)