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Hagar – Bible Stories for Kids – Hagar was Sarah’s servant. Sarah was old and had no children. She told Abraham to marry Hagar. Abraham married Hagar. Soon Hagar had a baby named Ishmael. The Lord was watching over her. (Suitable for children, this is from the Church of Latter Day Saints YouTube channel)

Holy Tales story video – A bit further into Hagar’s story, this is based on Genesis 21.


  • My Lighthouse – Rend Collective – Video (Kids Version) – Video (Original)
  • I’ve Got A River of Life – Bethel Music – Video (This starts at 0:26)
  • Wade in the Water – ACM Gospel Choir – Video
  • Be Still and Know – Steven Curtis Chapman – Video
  • Because of You – Vineyard Nordic – Video
  • Jesus, Jesus, Holy and Anointed One – Video


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