About the Book

Our Family GodVenture can be bought from bookshops and this website.

I loved it - very creative, ingenious and fun.’ Michele Guiness

We know home is a great place for sharing our faith with our children, but realistically this can be a real challenge!  Our Family GodVenture was developed in recognition that parents are often very busy and tired, which makes it hard to find fun things to do to help their family grow together spiritually.

Our Family GodVenture provide loads of activities, including using stickers and things to do ‘outside’ the book, plus things for older children or adults to continue pondering on later. If, for example, you find that being a parent of young children makes it hard to find time for your own ‘quiet time’, you can use the idea on each page to reflect on the Bible verses and respond to God in other snippets of time.

The book is designed for families to make it their own and there is space to draw, write, stick, glue on every page. The last thing this book is aiming to do is give you Another Thing you need to do, which usually turns into Another Thing you feel guilty about not doing! Instead, the book aims to be fun and engaging enough that children will suggest using the book – something which happened in families who trialled the book. This shouldn’t be something you have to work hard on, but something you can enjoy together and which leads to enjoying time with God together.

Crucially, there are also 400+ stickers which can be used as part of the activities or to decorate the book, and bring an instant fun element to each activity, as well as keeping the focus on the spiritual activity rather than it turning into an art competition or handwriting class. Now it’s been said that stickers make any activity fun. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think God is boring and needs snazzing up. Quite the opposite! But I’m tired of children having loads of great things to play with the do then when it comes to God-stuff they have to revert to things they would never ordinarily choose to do. This book gives lots of ideas of different ways to pray and meet God together, so hopefully you’ll find one or two which your family can really enjoy together. Stickers is just the way in. An easy, fun way in. I’ve tried to make the doorway wide to  help as many people as possible enter into this exciting journey of a lifetime with God.

When you get your book, there are only 2 rules:

Rule 1 Do it your way – Use this book in a way which works best for your family.  Use it every day, every week, every month, in the holidays, term time only – whatever works best for you.  Use it when you’re all together or just a few.  Use it as part of a family meal, or in the car.

Rule 2 Have fun!

Have a look inside at theses sample pages, enlarge the image by clicking on them.

You can now buy this book for £4.99 per copy.