30 Easter activity ideas for families

This is a collection of ideas for you to browse and choose one — yes, I recommend just one! — thing to try out this Easter.

How to choose a faith at home activity

When choosing what sort of faith at home activity to do in Lent, or any other season, I always suggest people think about three things:

  1. What your family is like? What type of activities do you enjoy? What things are you passionate about?
  2. What sort of faith are you wanting to grow? What part of your faith is important to you? Knowledge, trust, imagination, or action? What are you pretty good at? What could you grow more in?
  3. What season are you in? Are you exhausted? Do you have mostly younger children who need assistance or older ones who can do things without as much help? Are you in a place where you need to do something easy or challenging?


Mini egg sweets
Simple Ideas

Passover meal as a family


Go-deeper ideas

Ideas for under 5s

Creative ideas

Get-out-there ideas

  • Use Story Stones, go for a walk to collect some stones or use that forgotten pile of stone your kids have collected in the past!
  • Re-tell the story on your next family outing
  • Outdoorsy family? Here’s a simple idea for a story treasure hunt (works well with eggs too!)