Angel bunting

23 angel buntingCreate angel bunting by cutting out multiple sheets of concertina angels.

We used A3 paper, as it gives you bigger angels, but you could use A4. Start by folding the paper in half so you have a long rectangle (folding long edge to long edge). Then fold the long rectangle in half, short edge to short edge, and again in the same direction. You should end up with a folded wodge of paper with one side all folded and the other with one end of the sheet showing. Draw half an angel along the folded edge, i.e. with the head and body along the fold and the wings / arms / legs / robe going out towards the other edge. Make sure your angel has at least one, and preferably 2 points touching along the outer edge as these will ensure it is attached to the next one. Cut out your angel and unfold and you should have a set of four angels.

You may find in drawing your angel shape that you enter a discussion about what angels look like (either internally with yourself or with those you’re working alongside). Do you think they have wings? What about legs and feet? Are they male or female? You might want to look up some Bible passages about angels to aid your discussion. Here are some you might like to use:

Genesis 28:12 “In a dream [Jacob] saw a ladder that reached from earth to heaven, and God’s angels were going up and down on it.”

Numbers 22:22 “Balaam was riding on his donkey to Moab, and two of his servant were with him. But God was angry that Balaam had gone, so one of the Lord’s angels stood in the road to stop him.”

Judges 13 Samson’s parents

Daniel 10:13 “But the guardian angel of Persia opposed me for twenty-one days. Then Michael, who is one of the strongest guardian angels, came to rescue me from the kings of Persia.”

Regarding feet Genesis 19:1-2 (be careful about reading the rest of this story to young children without reading ahead yourself first)

“That evening two angels arrived in Sodom, while Lot was sitting near the city gate. When Lot saw them, he got up, bowed low, and said, Gentlemen, I am your servant. Please come to me home. You can wash your feet, spend the night, and be on your way in the morning.

Regarding hands Genesis 19:16 (see note above)

“At first, Lot just stood there. But the Lord wanted to save him. So the angels took Lot, his wife, and his two daughters by the hand and led them out of the city.”

Here’s a list you could work through!

You can decorate your angels then use them as decorations.

You might like to write words on them which angels in the Christmas story say, such as, “Glory to God!” or “Peace to everyone!” or “Good news!”

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