Bible story with a tent

Set up a tent in the garden and share a Bible story together inside it.

This activity is particularly relevant for the festival of Tabernacles, when Jews celebrate, among other things, God’s provision for them when they lived in the desert. However, a tent is a fun way to explore lots of different Bible stories and I find that the change of venue stimulates different focus and participation.

We like to have a tent in the garden in summer as it gives us a lovely space to play. But we also sometimes put one up in the Autumn for the feast of shelters or tabernacles* and have a snack in it along with the story of God’s people living in tents in the desert. It’s always inspiring to hear about God’s provision of everything they needed including never-wear-out-shoes! (* I love the word tabernacle as it translates as ‘dwelling’ … as in “The Word was made flesh and made His dwelling among us”)

I’ve used a tent for a story about the tent of meeting. We had a series of sheets hung on lines with pegs to make the tabernacle then a small tent in the middle of it for each child to go into on their own to spend a few minutes alone with God.

So don’t put your tent in the loft yet!

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