New Sticker Advent Calendar for 2022

I started making this Sticker Advent Calendar about 6 years ago, with the goal of giving families a simple and fun way to read the Christmas story from the Bible.

That’s why the calendar comes with:

  1. an A3 illustrated calendar with space for…
  2. 40 stickers to add as you read…
  3. The Christmas Story book: 36 pages with the Christmas story told directly from the Bible, cut into short sections, one for each day from 1st December to Epphany on 6th January.
The third year I made the calendar, I felt God spoke to me, nudging me to make this something which could be given to all familiesnot just those who go to church.
Since then each year thousands of families use this calendar, many of whom are given it as a gift from a Christian they know. It’s a fabulous gift especially as the packs of 10 and 100 are currently also discounted, making the individual calendars in them >60% off!
To whom are you ‘a Christian they know’?