Review: Any time, any place, any prayer

Title:  Any time, any place, any prayer

Author: Laura Wifler 

Illustrator: Catalina Echeverri

Price: RRP £8.99 available for £7.64

Published by: The Good Book

Perfect for: children age 3 – 10

Best bit: awesome artwork from Catalina Echeverri, as always; my favourite is the Lords’ prayer page, which is also available as a free poster

Worst bit: very literal depiction of Adam and Eve and the snake, which might not sit well with some families

More thoughts:

This lovely hardback book is full of joyful artwork, and cleverly leads the reader through different types of prayers prayed by God’s people all the way down the ages, starting with Adam and Eve, and including Jesus and us! Personally, I love the picture of Jesus lying on his back looking at the stars while his followers are asleep. It’s imagined, of course, as the Bible doesn’t tell us about this incident, but it gives such a real idea of what Jesus’ prayer life with the Father might have been like! And the contemporary pictures are done in a similar way, showing that prayer is something we can all do in any time or place.

Anyone wanting to help children understand prayer is not just for in church or at bedtime will find this book really helpful!