Something for ALL families!

Christmas with GodVentureThis Christmas I’m excited to have created a set of resources to help ALL families celebrate Christmas!

GodVenture products are generally designed for Christian families wanting to do faith stuff together at home, but at this time of year I know lots of families are looking for ways to share the Christmas story together and perhaps also add a spiritual dimension to their Christmas activities. So, I’ve made a set of products which can do just that!

Firstly, there’s the GodVenture Sticker Advent Calendar, with a sticker to add each day in December, and three stickers for 25th December. I found a brilliant artist, Helen Shipton, with whom I worked to create a picture which tells the traditional nativity story as found in the Bible. So, the first sticker is the angel, Gabriel, who appear in Mary’s house in Nazareth. The second sticker is Mary dropping the bread she was kneeding, and so on. I think you’ll agree she’s done a fabulous job, with some delicious details (can you spot the poo-ing sheep?!) and stickers which fit perfectly into the picture.

The calendar comes with a Bible story booklet with the story straight from Matthew and Luke using the Contemporary English Version of the Bible (which I find works really nicely in a family, and is easy to understand). The story is split into four parts, reflecting the four scenes on the calendar (Nazareth, Bethlehehm, hills outside Bethlehem and ‘The East’), and so can be read all at once or in four parts as you add the stickers. If you’re wanting to read a bit every day, there’s also something for you, but more on that later.

If you like the calendar, it would be fab if you could buy more than one and find a family to give one to, as I figure this way more families will be blessed. So there’s a series of deals, (3 for £10, 5 for £15) with price per calendar getting as low as £2 if you buy 10 copies. I really hope you’ll join me in my endeavor to bless lots of families this Advent by giving copies of the calendar to families you know.

Secondly, there’s GodVenture Sticker Christmas Cards. They are packs of 4 cards, 4 designs in each pack, with accompanying stickers to add either before you send them, or send the stickers for the receiving family to add themselves. Again, there’s a deal if you’d like to buy 4 packs and send lots!

Lastly, there’s a product I’ve been working on for a while: GodVenture Advent Pockets Cards. These are for people using Advent Pockets as their Advent Calendar, and wanting to put part of the Christmas story in each pocket. I’ve done this a few times so I know it takes quite a lot of work to divide the story up evenly, so this lovely box comes with 25 cards, one for each pocket (#25 is optional depending on how many pockets you have!), each with a sentence of the story on it. The story isn’t directly from the Bible, but it’s pretty accurate. All you need to do is provide the pockets (or envelopes or socks or…) , and decide what else you’ll add in them. I’ve made some suggestions, including ideas for related items for each card as well as some creative ideas on other things you can do with the cards.

You can see all the Christmas products, including the deals for multiple purchases in the Christmas section of my shop.

PS For those of you who are looking for something more Christian, more devotional to use in Advent, there’s always A Christmas Family GodVenture which has new images online so you can see inside the lovely sticker activities before you buy one.

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