#Thanktober is a simple idea: Let’s be thankful for something every day and grow our ‘thanks muscles’.

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Did you know that there’s science showing that people who practice daily gratitude are more joyful? Watch this short clip of Brene Brown’s research here.

I found this to be true when going through a hard season of life. Each morning I started to note down three things I was thankful for. To start with it took me a while. Things were pretty bleak, and the most I could muster was I’m thankful for coffee (always!). However, as I stuck with it, I found the three things came more easily. What was more, I found myself spotting things I was thankful for during the day when I wasn’t ‘practicing’. I found I could be joyful more easily, a song might actually get me singing; a bird in a tree might make me smile. I found that I had to choose which things I’d put in my top three thanks items. Not to be over dramatic, but it changed my life!

I’ve carried on this practice, and each month I make a Thanks Chart in my journal and aim to fill in three things each day. You can see some pictures of my charts below.

I wanted to share this with you, so I’ve created #Thanktober: a month to get more thankful (and thus more joyful!).

To make it simple and easy, I’ve created a FREE download with:

  1. 31 Thanks Prompts – sentences for you to fill in to help you find things to be thankful for each day
  2. a Thanks Chart – 31 spaces for you to fill in something you’re thankful for each day

I’ve also printed some A3 posters of the charts in case you don’t have a printer you can use. They are also FREE with just £3 P&P. PLUS if you’d like to share this with friends, I’ve got packs of 10 posters at 30% off, only £10.

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I hope you’ll be able to join me.

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