Windows on faith

Bible art togetherIn her book, Parenting children for a life of faith, Rachel Turner talks about creating windows on our faith practises so our children can see some what faith looks like for us. I know people love to spend time with God in all sorts of ways. Mine is often with art materials. Some mornings before the girls are up, I read the Bible then write words, pictures and patterns to meditate on it.

Today I set up an invitation for my daughters (3 & 4yo) to join me.

I set out 3 boards, 3 pots of crayons and pencils and some nice cards plus 3 Bibles. I read Ephesians 1:16-18  from the Contemporary English Version. I read each sentence slowly twice. (These verses also happen to be Sophias baptism verses as they mention the meanings of both her names, wisdom and light).

As I read it, my daughters each responded to different parts of the verses. When I’d finished reading, I wrote the words which jumped out at me in crayon then added the rest of the text in pen before decorating the crayon words with more crayon. I hope to add a bit of water later as they’re soluble crayons and will hopefully make a nice wash effect.

It only lasted about 20 mins but enabled me to meditate on Scripture in a way I love to, as well as give them a chance to see and join in.

In which part of your personal life of faith could you make a window?

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