2019 GodVenture Sticker Advent Calendar (A4) 3 for £10


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Product Description

The GodVenture Sticker Advent Calendar comes with 25 stickers which tell the Christmas story, and a mini Bible story book with part of the story to read with each sticker.

The Bible storybook uses the Bible text to tell the story along with full colour illustrations. The text is taken from the NIrV Bible, a great translation for emerging readers, and provides the Christmas story in 25 segments, each relating to the sticker for that day. You can see the pictures below. It really is a lovely book!

This year, the stickers come in two sizes, and there are extras which you can use to make Christmas cards or stick on gifts.

Each calendar includes:

  • A4 Calendar
  • 2 sheets of stickers (25 stickers plus extras)
  • 1 Christmas Biblestory book (15cm square)
  • wrapped in a biodegradable clear envelope (goodbye plastic!)

If you’re looking for a way to share the Christmas story together during Advent, this calendar gives you a simple, fun, sticker-based way of doing reading the story together from the Bible.

There is also an A1 POSTER version available here and a massive discount if you’d like 100+ copies to give to families connected with your church.


Want to know more?

The image is designed to tell the story, with details such as elements of an ancient Jewish wedding featuring in the sticker of Mary and Joseph’s marriage.

You might also notice that the layout of the various parts of the story in the picture are geographically organised, with Nazareth at the top in the ‘north’, Jerusalem siting close to the Bethlehem, while the road the wise men have travelled to Jerusalem on comes in from ‘the east’ as in the Biblical account.

Both Herod’s palace and houses in Bethlehem are what ancient sources suggest they could have looked like, and the animals, decorations and other details are designed in line with the cultural and geographical context.

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