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Christmas is a busy time, so here’s a simple activity to give you and your family a way to pause and be thankful.

It doesn’t take long, but a few moments each day will help develop a habit of thankfulness in a month when so much is trying to pull us away from it.

You might find it easiest to choose a time of day when you do this, as this ritual will help make it easier to do, such as as you start your evening meal (we serve the food first). Do what works for your family, and don’t worry if not everyone joins in!

Children age 7+ might like to invent their own fill-in-the-blank sentences, so you could print these ones out and leave spaces for them to add some fun ideas of their own.

Light a candle each day in Advent (it could be an Advent candle but doesn’t need to be) and spend a minute or two taking it in turns to complete the sentence for that day (1 is December 1st).

Here’s the first few:

1. I am thankful for…
2. I am thankful that I have…
3. I am thankful for people who…

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2 reviews for 25 Ways To Be Thankful – FREE DOWNLOAD

  1. Lucy (verified owner)

    I love this, it’s a sheet of beginnings of statements.
    At first I thought oh that’s so simple.
    It really is, but it’s really helpful to have a little guidance with things. It helps keep you on track. Sometimes keeping on can be really difficult but these prompts help you do just that. Love it

  2. Jenny

    We downloaded this a couple of years ago and it’s now part of our Christmas traditions in the house. I like how it focusses us on what we’re thankful for in an age of consumerism 🙂

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