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This download has 31 Thanks prompts and a Thanks chart. (Get a printed poster here.)

You can use the thanks prompts to give you ideas of things you can be thankful for, and use the thanks chart to fill in things you are thankful for each day. (There are 31 spaces.)

You can use it as part of #Thanktober!

Use it:

  • as a jumping off point to find something each day to be thankful for.
  • on your own or with your family, taking it in turns to say what you are thankful for.
  • in a way which works for you; if one or more of these sentences doesn’t work for you, invent your own to replace it.
  • as part of your daily reflection or prayers.

Why not invite another family to join you?

If you’d like a printed A3 poster version, you can get one FREE here with only £3 P&P

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