A GodVenture Through the Life of Jesus DOWNLOAD


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Product Description

This fantastic family activity book explores Bible stories of the life of Jesus, from when He called His first disciples to when He went back to heaven.

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This books includes 12 sessions, including six which help you explore Jesus’ last supper, death and resurrection plus His return to heaven.

Each session includes:

  • the Bible story text from a family-friend bible version (CEV)
  • a fun, simple way to read the Bible together
  • an activity to do to explore the Bible verses
  • something to help include children who are under 5 years old (also fun for everyone!)
  • a prayer activity
  • something extra for older children and adults, some questions for further thought or discussion

GodVenture books have been enjoyed by families for more than ten years, and this one is now available as a DOWNLOAD, making it possible for you to print your own version and enjoy doing faith at home together.

It is illegal to download this book and send copies to other people, and it means GodVenture will be able to make less books 🙁 Thank you for your understanding 🙂

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