A GodVenture Year faith at home planner


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A faith at home planner for 2020 with 140 stickers to help you plan some faith at home activities or festivals to celebrate with your family this year!

Each month has a simple, fun, creative faith at home activity for you to try out and a Bible verse for the month. There are more details on the activity and three ways to explore the Bible month of the month in the FREE pdf download which comes with this planner.

The planner has a selection of celebrations written in grey for you to choose a selection of celebrations which will work for your family. Plan what you will do on those days to help grow your faith at home this year, and add stickers to mark the day in your planner. There’s ideas to help you start celebrating in the FREE pdf download which comes with this planner.
You can see pictures of the planner and of the notes here.
The download is available as soon as you go through the checkout.
You can also order packs of 30.

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