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Make your own dice and use the questions on it to chat about any Bible passage.

Choose then make your dice using one of the templates you can download using the link on your confirmation email.

Simply read a Bible passage, roll the die then chat about that question.

They’re all open-ended questions so you don’t need to prepare the answers in advance, and everyone can have a go at answering them.


There’s four templates to download and choose from, available in pdf and jpg format:

1 questions from Biblica

1 What’s something you noticed for the first time?

2 What questions did you have?

3 Was there anyhing that bothered you?

4 What did you learn about loving God?

5 What did you learn about loving others?


2 wondering, Godly Play-style questions:

I wonder what part of the story you like most.

I wonder what part of the story is most important.

I wonder what part of the story we could miss out and still have all the story we need.

I wonder where you might be in this story.

I wonder what you would like to do in response to this story.

I wonder what items you might chose to represent this story.


3 questions from the Swedish-Bible Study method 


4 blank for you to write your own ones.

If you choose #3, remember to keep you questions open-ended so that they work with most Bible passages.



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