Christmas Story Book


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Product Description

This book has the WHOLE Christmas story directly from the Bible, using NIrV text from Matthew and Luke’s gospels.

The story starts with Zechariah and Elizabeth and the birth of John the Baptist, and finishes after Simeon and Anna meet Jesus and the family return to Nazareth.

The beautiful artwork is on every page and helps you explore the Christmas story as a family. The book allows the readers to discuss wondering questions in an imaginative way. I wonder which part of this bit of the story you like most? I wonder how you imagine these ladies? I wonder how Simeon knew who Jesus was?

It’s the perfect way for children age 5-11 to explore the whole Christmas story in the Bible and think about what it means for them and their connection with God.

There are only a limited number of copies, so if you’d like one, get it soon.

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