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Easy to make, fun to use, these Easter Puppets give you a simple way to share the Easter story together.

For younger children (and maybe some older ones too), these Easter Puppets will give you a visual and kinesthetic way to connect with the Easter story.

They’re simple to use:

  1. ​Cut out the puppets (the card is great quality but not too thick to cut with scissors)
  2. Glue them onto lollysticks, straws or use the card sticks in the book
  3. Use the storyboard to tell the Easter story using the puppets to ‘act’ it out.

This book contains:

  • 16 puppets printed on quality card ready for you to cut out and use
  • a story board of the Easter story with ideas on which puppets you could use for each part of the story
  • a page of card to cut and make into ‘sticks’ for your puppets in case you can’t get hold of any lolly sticks or paper straws
  • instructions on How to make your puppets (including how to make the book into an envelop to store your puppets)
  • a page of ideas on how you can use your puppets (including lots of fun ideas for children of different ages)

Perfect for:

  • families at home together
  • grand parents and god-parents looking for an easy way to share the Easter story in an fun, accessible way
  • group leaders looking for a fun way to engage either face to face or online*

You can use them as puppets as you tell the story, or for more fun, give them to your ‘audience’ and have them ‘act’ the story as you tell it.

Can they re-tell it?

The storyboard gives you ideas of which puppets to use at which part of the story, but you can ad lib and create your own puppet show.

Also included: a downloadable ready-to-go Easter story treasure hunt using the story board from the Easter Puppets. A really fun way to share the story together!

Have even more fun by:

  • creating you own puppet theatre using blankets and a couple of chairs or a small table.
  • taking pictures of each scene so you can them to re-tell the story or share it with others
  • chatting about the story using open-ended questions such as:
    I wonder what is your favourite part of this story.
    I wonder what the most important part might be.
    I wonder where you might be in this story.
    (These questions can be answered by adults and children!)
  • making a mini-film of the story with someone working at the narrator while others do the puppets
  • leaving your puppets out, perhaps with additional props for your children to play the story again in their own play time
  • offering extra card and sticks for anyone to add additional puppets to the story (my children added a rooster!)
  • reading the story from a children’s Bible story book and ‘act’ it out using your puppets.
  • cutting up the story board and laying a challenge to see if the children can put the pictures in the right
    order again.

Extra ideas:

  • Retell the story using some toys. Which toys could you use? Who will be Jesus? Can you make a scene for them to tell the story in?
  • Listen to an audio version of the story from the Bible at biblegateway.com
  • Use your puppets to ‘act’ out the story as you read the story from a Bible using the references on the story board.
  • You could even get up early to see the sun rise on Easter Sunday morning! Take some hot chocolate and hot cross buns for a picnic breakfast!

You can also get a these puppets as a download or half price when you get a pack of 10 

*If you plan to make copies of the puppets to give to families you know, you might like to get this pack of 10 books which has them all printed and ready to go on quality card.

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3 reviews for Easter Puppets book

  1. Mary Hawes

    What a great idea! Simple to make puppets to retell the events of Holy Week and Easter. This would be ideal for a grandparent or godparent to send to a child, and then share the story together at Easter over Zoom.

  2. Clare (verified owner)

    We are really enjoying using these. Children recognised the puppets straight away and we are enjoying story telling with them. Used them during the reading on Sunday to help the children focus on zoom church. Great idea, thanks Victoria!

  3. Lucy (verified owner)

    The Easter Puppets are a superb way of sharing the Easter story in a creative way with children of all ages. My 6 year old twins loved moving the figures while I told the story, and my 9 year old enjoyed reading the story from the helpful storyboard prompt which is included. The book version of the puppets is printed onto durable, thick card, making the puppets sturdy enough for several years’ play. I particularly appreciated the different emotions/stages reflected in the illustrations, i.e. you don’t just get one ‘Jesus’, you get several, for different points in the story – likewise with the women. All in all, a fabulous resource!

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