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This is a simple, accessible and fun resource to explore some Psalms of ascent in the Bible.

It comes FREE as part of the Mountains Faith at home mini-mag.

Explore Ascent Psalms been written for individuals to use, adults and children from 7 years upward. It also works really well to use as a small group or family devotional, as the questions are good for chatting and discussion.

Each ‘session’ simply has a psalm to read, questions to think or chat about and a challenge.

It comes as a pdf download available after checkout.

You can print it back to back on one sheet of A4 and fold it to make a neat A5 resource.

Faith at home mini-mag simple, fun family activities


If you’re wanting to use Explore Ascent Psalms , you might want to get the Mountains edition of Faith at home as well, as they go well together, especially if you want some more hands on activities to go with the reading and chatting ones.


Psalm 121 is part of a collection of psalms called ‘songs of ascent’.

They are believed to have been sung as by God’s people on pilgrimage journeys to Jerusalem.

The collection includes Psalms 120–134, and is called the Hallel which means ‘praise’ (not to be confused with the Egyptian Hallel, Psalms 113–118, which was sung or chanted at Passover and other festivals).

It’s also possible these psalms were used in the temple worship as part of the liturgy.

There are 15 short psalms in the Hallel. This sheet explores eight of them.

The questions are designed to be used by adults or children on their own, or together with a family or small group.

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