Explore JOY in the Bible


Product Description

This is a simple, accessible and fun resource to explore JOY in the Bible.

It could be used in your family, in your small group or as part of an inter-generational meeting, either face to face or online.

The resources simply gives open-ended questions and a challenge for 10 Bible verses about joy – it should be enough to get your chatting and thinking, and hopefully discovering more joy!

It comes as a pdf download available as soon as you pay. You can print it back to back on one sheet of A4 and fold it to make a neat A5 resource.
If you’re wanting to use Explore Joy in the Bible, you might want to get the JOY edition of Faith at homeĀ as well, as they go well together, especially if you want some more hands on activities to go with the reading and chatting ones.



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