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£30 worth of fun, easy-to-use GodVenture resources to boost your faith at home!

Everyone needs a boost in their faith sometimes, and this pack is full of resources with choices and variety to help you find things which work for your unique family in the season you’re in.

The pack contains:

  • A GodVenture through the life of Lazarus: a family activity sticker book, a fun devotional which slowly takes you through the story of Lazarus with lots of open-ended questions and stickers to use (£7.50)
  • A set of GodVenture52 cards: these cards can be used to play Snap, Happy Families and the like, but also each have a simple faith at home activity idea on them. With 52 to choose from, you’re sure to find a few which you really love! Your pack includes either Bible GodVenture52 or Prayer GodVenture52 (£7.50)
  • The Blessing edition of the Faith at home mini-mag: 12 fun, faith at home activities including stickers and fun inserts to explore the blessing in Numbers 6 (£4)
  • Extra Blessing: a printed version of the devotional for children or adults to use on their own or together in a group. It’s explores each phrase in the Numbers 6 blessing with open-ended questions and challenges (£2)
  • The Protected edition of the Faith at home mini-mag: another 12 fun, faith at home activities, this time exploring Psalm 91 and god’s protection; includes stickers and fun inserts (£4)
  • A selection of postcards with faith at home activities including the Blessing mini-cards, Rainbow Thanks and Sweets Prayer (£1.50)
  • Sweets for Sweets Prayer – the most popular GodVenture prayer activity (£1)
  • a cloth bag to keep all your goodies in (£2)
  • a short letter from Victoria

This pack makes an excellent gift from a god-parent or grandparent to a family, as there should be something for everyone inside!

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