Family thanks prompts


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This is a really simple but powerful way to develop your ‘thanks muscles’ in your family, letting each other know what you’re thankful for about each other.


On the download are 10 thanks prompts for your family to fill in about each other.


1 Print out multiple copies of the next page according to how many prompts you need.

For example, I you want to do this for 24 days during Advent, print the sheet 3 times and discard 6 of the slips.


2 Cut out the slips and divide them among your family members so that everyone can fill at least one out about everyone else.


3 Fill out the slips so that no-one can see what you’re writing, then fold the slips and put them into a jar or box (or hat or cup!).

Adults and older children can act as scribes for younger/less writing-inspired members.


4 Get out one slip each day and read it to the person it’s addressed to. Enjoy the wonder that comes with being thankful and being appreciated!

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