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NEW for this year, a MASSIVE version of the GodVenture Sticker Advent Calendar, where the stickers tell the story.

This huge calendar works well at home, but also great for groups or even class rooms! Every day there’s a sticker to add, revealing another part of the story. Plus there’s part of the story to read each day from The Christmas Story Not-S0-Mini book. If you’ve bought normal size calendars for children in a group or class, this poster version is a great way to chat with them about the stickers they’re doing at home, re-cap the story together from the Not-S0-Mini book, and explore the wondering questions to find out what they are enjoying, what is surprising them, or what they think of the characters.

Please note that your order, including any additional items, will be delivered in September.

The calendar is on 2 posters, an A2 one showing a Nazareth street scene, and the first 5 stickers show the angel Gabriel appearing to Mary and Joseph. The rest of the stickers go on poster 2 where there’s a full A1 Bethlehem scene (see pictures).

With 30 stickers, there’s one for every day in Advent plus one for Christmas Day (Jesus is ‘born’ on sticker 10 then is ‘awake’ on sticker 25). There are also EXTRA stickers to add to show who says what, an easy way to explore some of the special messages we find in this story. As there are no numbers for the extra stickers, families are encouraged to use The Christmas Story mini book to work out where to put the stickers.

The Christmas Story Not-So-Mini Book has the story from the Contemporary English Version of the Bible, a great translation for families to read out loud, with the part for each day numbered and showing a picture of the sticker for that day

I wonder which part of the story you will like most? I wonder which message speaks to you?

You can get discounts when you order multiple copies.


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