GodVenture Advent Pocket Bunting


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A perfect combination of bunting and Advent Pockets – 25 little bunting pockets with plenty of space for sweets, cards with the Christmas story (Advent Pocket cards), ideas for kind things to do, or even little play people to play the Christmas story.

Each pocket is approximately 7x13cm, and whole string is around 190cm long with loops at each end.

Handmade by work-at-home-Mum, Emma Owen, this bright pocket bunting will look gorgeous hung across a fire place, a window or wall in December.

The pockets give you the flexibility to do Advent in a way which works for your family, either repeating the same way each year or choosing a different approach as your family grows. We’ll certainly be using ours with each pocket containing part of the Christmas story and a suggestion of something kind to do plus maybe a little something else.





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