GodVenture Christmas Craft Kit including Peg Doll Nativity Kit


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Product Description

This box comes with everything you need for 6 family Christmas activities to help you celebrate Jesus at Christmas, including making your own peg doll nativity set.

It comes with a free Christmas Bible Story book with the whole story straight from the Bible in large print, with pictures, questions and space to draw and write.

The activities are:

  1. Peg Doll Nativity set (using 8 peg dolls, paint, brushes and Sharpie)
  2. Chocolate Star Blessings (using the chocolate stars!)
  3. Minion Mary Minibook, or any character from the story! (using coloured A6 paper, thin white paper strips, white stickers) (needs your own scissors and pens)
  4. Balloon Thanks (using the balloons and Sharpie pen)
  5. Bees Wax Joy Cards using the cards, envelopes, water colour pencils, brush and bees wax)
  6. Angel Bunting (using the long white paper) (also needs your own scissors and pens)

The instructions for all the activities are available to download after checkout.


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