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Everything your family needs to do 40acts of generosity *

Would you like to do 40acts of generosity as a family? Here’s a kit with everything you need get going. The box includes 20 items, including the sticker activity book, Exploring Generosity, which includes a colour A3 poster of the 40acts and stickers to add as you do them.

The kit includes:

  1. Sticker book: Exploring Generosity with GodVenture and 40acts – find your 40acts poster in the middle
  2. Pencil
  3. Pen
  4. Sweets
  5. Plasters
  6. Chocolate bar
  7. Sticker sheet (including stickers for your Generosity Kit, your Giving Jar, your Thank You card, telling people things you like about them and a treasure hunt ideas)
  8. Clear plastic file (for making your Generosity kit (and putting items 2-6 in)
  9. 20 40acts mini cards (for writing notes explain what you’re doing)
  10. 2 rolls washi tape (to decorate your Giving Jar and/or stick mini cards to things)
  11. Did I mention the 2 rolls of washi tape?
  12. Charity ideas chart (to get inspired about new places to give to)
  13. 3 pieces of chalk (for writing surprise happy messages to people)
  14. 3 pieces of different colour chalk
  15. 3 pieces of chalk so you can get really creative
  16. Small toy (a rubbery yellow man!)
  17. Bag for litter (for litter picking)
  18. Paper flowers sheet (to make flowers to give to someone)
  19. Pipe cleaners for making paper flowers (to use with the paper item 18)
  20. Blank card and envelope (for your Thank You card)

This kit is a fab way to do Lent generously, or could be used at any time of year. You can do one act a day or spread them out as much as you like. The book has 12 sessions in it for you to explore generosity in different Bible stories, so lots to have fun with.

*minus a jam jar, but I’m sure you can find one of those 🙂

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