GodVenture Hope Box


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Product Description

Welcome to this GodVenture Hope Box!

It’s full of fun, family, faith at home activities on the theme of H O P E 🙂

Most of the activities explore this verse: Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. Isaiah 40:31

In the box you will find:

  • 6 post cards:
  1.  a welcome card with the contents of your box and some top tips on how to use it plus Something to Ponder for older children an adults on the back
  2. a beautiful postcard version of the Bible verse for you to display to remind you of the verse (double sided so that you can pick which you prefer!)
  3. an Explore the Bible postcard with lots of ideas of how you can explore the verse together (and a sheet of extra ideas too!)
  4. a Bible Game postcard with cards to cut out and use to explore the Bible verse through games
  5. a postcard with Pray Together on one side, with 2 active prayer ideas, and a Seasonal Faith at Home activity on the reverse
  6. a Sticker Activity postcard: Flame Prayers
  • an A3 Thanks poster to record things you are thankful for each day and a DIY Bible verse poster on the back
  • seeds to use for the Seasonal Faith at Home activity
  • stickers to use on the Sticker Activity postcard
  • bubbles for one of the prayer ideas
  • 3 blank cards and envelopes for one of the prayer ideas
  • a selection of fun, creative items to use to respond to the Bible verse (see ‘Explore the Bible’), make your Prayer Card (see ‘Pray Together’), create your DIY poster or something else of your choice! Enjoy 😊


two lovely extras, gorgeous gifts from H K Creations and Charlie Patch. Check out their websites and enjoy the sample they’ve provided for you!

If you would like to order this box and have it sent to a friend, family member, grandchild, godchild or anyone else, remember to put THEIR address in the shipping information 🙂 (And what a fab idea!)

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