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Josh is often poorly and has to go to hospital. At holiday club Josh learnt that Jesus is always with him and will help him too. But will he remember this when he is in hospital? 

This story explores a young child’s experience of staying in hospital and how important it is for children in this situation to know that Jesus is with them and will help them.

It’s aimed at children age 2-7 years old, but will work for much older children and adults, as the topic is dealt with from a in a head-on but gentle way, bringing in age-appropriate theology and language which models good practice in caring for children who are sick.

Co-authored by Victoria Beech and the Pediatric Chaplaincy Network, it is part of the Held in Hope series, a series developed with the Paediatric Chaplaincy Network in order to provide sensitively written and stunningly illustrated stories about young children’s experience of illness or facing death, and how they relate their Christian faith to their experiences.

The books include helpful notes for parents, including questions and activities to use with young children and information of other resources and organisations.

This story is also available as a free online film with the story read by Bear Grylls.

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