Josiah Faith at Home Mini-Mag Pack of 10


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Product Description

The ‘Josiah‘ edition of the Faith at Home mini-mag gives you 10 fun ways to explore this bible story.

This pack of 10 comes with all the inserts for you to slot inside the mini-mags and give them to busy families you know for them to use at home together.

It’s designed for families with children aged 3-10 years, although there are things in there for older children and adults too.

Inside your mini-mag pack you will find:

  • 10 mini-mags
  • 10 postcards with the story of King Josiah
  • 10 Bible verse postcards
  • 10 sets of stickers
  • 10 mini-books
  • 10 gift cards for them to get another mini-mag for FREE

You can also access these extra resources:

  1. Audio versions of Josiah’s story
  2. Videos of Josiah’s story
  3. A devotional to share with your family.

This mini-mag is also available as a single copy.


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