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Our Family GodVenture was developed in recognition that parents are often very busy and tired, which makes it hard to find fun things to do to help their family grow together spiritually.

The book is designed for families to make it their own and there is space to draw, write, stick, glue on every page. Crucially, there are also 400+ stickers which can be used as part of the activities or to decorate the book, and bring an instant fun element to each activity, as well as keeping the focus on the spiritual activity rather than it turning into an art competition or handwriting class.

The books have no dates on, and many activities can be used more than once, helping to build on-going prayers.

And here’s what some people have said about Our Family GodVenture:

‘Our Family GodVenture is a great book for helping families explore faith together in a fun and relevant way.’ Catherine Burt, Media Co-ordinator for The Girls’ Brigade England & Wales

“A great resource to help families literally get stuck into bible study with great interactive studies and lots and lots of stickers.” Krish Kandiah, Evangelical Alliance

“Our Family GodVenture is a fantastic resource! Great design, amazing stickers – the book would appeal to a range of ages.” Emma Paton, Children’s Participation Worker for the Methodist Church

“This book really helped my family spend time with God in a meaningful and creative way – my kids loved it. It’s so good I’ve invited Victoria to share GodVenture at my church.” Nick Jackson, PowerPack

“This GodVenture book is great, it has lots of bits of the Bible in it and helps us pray– it’s really good fun – I love the stickers!” Ella aged 6

“A fun way for families with young children to interact with God’s presence in their lives.” Vicki J Shaver, BA Theology Leader & Lecturer in Children’s Ministry at Glasgow’s International Children’s College

“I liked praying for people to be healed using the book. I stick the stickers in everyday. I think it is an amazing way to pray.” Josie age 9

“Families shape how children’s faith is formed and can be a place of life-changing adventure. As families we need lots of support and Godventure is a great way to start.” Alan Charter, SU and Children Matter

“It’s bright, inventive and fun to use. People are delighted to see how easy it can be to engage in Bible and prayer ideas as a family.” Andrea Harrison, Children’s Ministries Unit Training and Development Officer, Salvation Army

“Equipping the family to nurture faith is a great idea. The GodVenture resources make the idea a reality.” Dave Roberts, Children Matter

“A fun and easy to use resource to help families share and grow in their faith together.” Jane Butcher, Messy Church and Barnabas Schools and Churches Team

“A little book with a MASSIVE impact, begin your God Venture!” Mair Owen, Children’s Worker at St John’s Harborne, Birmingham

“It’s so valuable to have someone with energy and passion for kids whisper encouraging and inspiring ideas into the fibre of a tired parents soul, which is exactly what this book does.” Heidi Scrimgeour, parent of 3

“This is a great book with loads of simple and engaging activities to help families as they pray. I can’t think of a better resource to help children and parents grow together in their faith.” Nigel Hemming, Great Big God Team Leader

“I loved it – very creative, ingenious and fun.” Michele Guinness is the author of many books, including her latest, The Heavenly Party

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This family activity sticker book is for families to have fun as they meet God together. It is full of activities and over 400 stickers to use as part of the Bible and prayer activities.

The book explores Psalm 139, exploring themes about God knowing and caring for us. Each page also features a different way to explore the Bible together and an ‘Extra something’ for older children or adults who might want to explore the topic or Bible verses further.

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