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Get your Advent organised early this year by getting pre-ordering your Sticker Advent Calendar!

Pre-order before the end of September and get your calendars in early October.

The GodVenture Sticker Advent Calendar is the only one where the stickers tell the story, giving you something to read and something to stick each day right through to Epiphany on January 6th!

It’s the ultimate fun, easy way to enjoy reading the Christmas story together, with bright, expressive and funny artwork from Andy Gray.

Every calendar comes with it’s own book of The Christmas Story told from Matthew and Luke’s versions in a version of the Bible which is perfect for emerging readers (NIrV).

There are forty stickers, so that Jesus can be ‘born’ on Christmas Day (25th) and the shepherds visit and the rest of the story happen after that, with the story finishing in January on Epiphany.

The calendar includes the stories of Zechariah and Elizabeth and the birth of John the Baptist as well as Anna and Simeon at the temple, plus the responses of both Mary and Zechariah to their visits by angels! It’s the complete Bible text divided into roughly equal-ish sections so you have a sensible amount to read each day.

The artwork is colourful and fun, while seeking to be as culturally, historically and geographically accurate as we can, as we know that children (and adults!) learn theology from pictures!

If this is something you’d love to give to families you know, but you don’t have the budget, please get in touch as there are always gift copies available for people like you!

There are also packs of 10 and 100 available, also currently discounted.

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