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This ‘Shepherd’ Faith at Home mini-mag has a collection of fun, faith at home activities for your family to explore Psalm 23.

It is the fourth in a series, each exploring different psalm. You can get back issues of the others in the series here: Longing (Psalm 13), Protected (Psalm 91) and Mountains (Psalm 121).

The Shepherd Faith at home mini-mag explores Psalm 23, probably the best known of all the psalms, which begins:

The Lord is my shepherd. He gives me everything I need.
He lets me lie down in fields of green grass.
He leads me beside quiet waters.

The mini-mag includes:

  • a Psalm postcard with the full Psalm on directly from the Bible. You can use this in some of the activities in the mini-mag itself. On the back of the Psalm postcard are instructions to make your own cotton wool sheep using the …
  • stickers which also come inside the mini-mag.
  • a set of Psalm mini-cards ready for you to cut out and use as part of one of the ‘Explore the Bible’ activities
  • a mini-book called ‘My Psalm 23: a guided meditation with space to draw and write’, and 8 page A6 book to use as a practical meditation
  • an A3 poster in the centre of the mini-mag for you to use to ‘tell the story’ of the psalm using toys and the poster as a backdrop

Inside the mini-mag are 14 fun and easy activities to explore the Psalm 23 and use it to pray together.

There is also Something to ponder, aimed at older children and adults, plus links to a whole load of extras you can get free online:

#1 Audio Psalm playlist
#2 Psalm songs playlist
#3 Psalm mini-cards PDF
#4 Mini-book PDF
#5 Psalm 23 reflections
#6 Explore Shepherds devotional PDF
#7 Cecil book special offer
#8 Shepherd videos & live-cams

You will also get access to the Explore Shepherds devotional in a link in your email confirmation, along with a code you can use to send a copy of the mini-mag to a friend!

Yes – this means when you buy one, you get a second one completely FREE!

If you would like to order this and have it sent to a friend, family member, grandchild, godchild or anyone else, remember to put THEIR address in the shipping information 🙂 

This mini-mag is also available in a pack of 10

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The Faith at home subscription includes:

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  2. a bimonthly Faith at home mini-mag

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