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There are various ways you can use the cards:

• Choose by number:
1 exploring Bible stories
2 prayer
3 worship
4 responding to God

• Random selection – cut the cards pick one, and do that activity.

• Go through them one by one. Then go back and use your favourites.

• Find four cards with the same picture and do all four.

This pack contains 52 different faith building activities for families with under 5s. The activities are split into four groups: ways to share and explore stories together, ways to pray, ways to worship and ways to respond to God. They by no means cover everything you could do, and are designed to inspire families to find ways to do faith together at home in a way which suits them. Each activity could be done individually or grouped with others. Many activities could also work in a group situation and with older children, especially if extension options are given.

52 faith activities for under 5s

A brand new resource for 2014, Under 5s GodVenture52 is a pack of children’s playing cards with a fun, faith-building activity on each card – perfect for families to use together.

52 different ideas, one for each week of the year.

52 ways to have fun together, including ways to explore Bible stories, pray, worship and respond to God.

How many can your family can try out?

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