Welcome to Get More – extra resources to go with the Protected edition of the Faith at home mini-mag.

Here are the extras for this edition:

#1 Audio Psalm
#2 Sticker sheet pdf
#3 Psalm songs
#4 Angel template
#5 Explore Protection pdf

1. Audio Psalm (GodVenture playlist of Psalm 91 being read)
Here is a list of links to Psalm 91 being read by different people from different Bible versions:

2. Sticker sheet pdf

This is in case you need more than one version of a particular promise. Unless you have a clever printer, it will have to be cut and glued instead of being a sticker 🙂

Download your pdf here

3. Psalm songs (GodVenture play list of Psalm 91 songs)
Here is a list of songs of Psalm 91. The first one is a children’s song, but the rest are for everyone. There’s lots of variety as we hope then you’ll find one which you love!

4. Angel template
This pdf gives you a template you can use to make paper angels. You have a copy in your mini-mag, but you might need extras!

5. Explore Longing pdf

Explore Protection in the Bible is a short devotional which can be used by children or adults on their own or together as a family or small group.

Its simple format is easy to adapt so that it works for you.


6. Mini prayer book pdf

This GodVenture Mini Prayer Book comes in your mini-mag, but here you can print off more copies for more people!

7. Interesting videos on psalms or specifically Psalm 91 (this collection in a youtube playlist)