Review: The Newborn King

Title: The Newborn King

By: Sarah J. Dod and Raffaella Ligi

Price: £5.99

Published by: Lion

Available from: Eden


Good for: children age 3-7 years


Best bit: Lovely artwork and the tone of the story telling, which makes all the characters feel real


Worst bit: There is what I would consider additional elements added which aren’t in the Bible, but that’s my person thing! (I like not to have to ‘unteach’ things later!) The additions do help to explain some things such as the possible meanings behind the wise men’s gifts. I’m always a bit sad when there’s a stable and an inn mentioned, as the Bible text doesn’t mention them, but I realise it’s what most Christmas stories have in them.

More thoughts:

This book is a nice in between for those who know the basic Christmas story and aren’t quite ready to read or have it read to them from the Bible. The pictures are lovely, and the tone of the story is gentle and warming, perfect for reading together with a hot chocolate on a December day!

The artwork is crisp, colourful and contemporary: